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AAF Full Form - Meaning and Definition of AAF - Slangful.com
AAF Full Form – Meaning and Definition of AAF

This page contains the various possible meanings of the acronym and full forms of the words which are abbreviated as AAR. Here are 45 known slang full forms for AAR:

AAF Army Air Forces
AAF American Advertising Federation
AAF Affordable Art Fair (various locations)
AAF Army Air Field
AAF Advanced Authoring Format
AAF American Architectural Foundation
AAF Association des Archivistes Français (French: Association of French Archivists; est. 1904)
AAF Alien Ant Farm (band)
AAF Animals Asia Foundation
AAF Allied Air Forces
AAF Acetylaminofluorene
AAF As A Friend
AAF Anti-Aliasing Filter
AAF Always And Forever
AAF Alarm Association of Florida
AAF Ateliers d’Art de France (French craft professionals association)
AAF Asset Allocation Fund
AAF Auxiliary Air Field
AAF 2-Acetamidofluorene
AAF Académie d’Agriculture de France (French: Academy of Agriculture of France)
AAF Aluminum Association of Florida
AAF Army Advantage Fund (US Military)
AAF ASEAN Automotive Federation
AAF Aigle Azur, France (ICAO code)
AAF Airway Facilities Service (Federal Aviation Administration)
AAF American Air Filter Company
AAF Annual Average Flow
AAF Académie d’Armes de France (French: Academy of Arms of France; fencing school)
AAF Association des Accidentés de France (French: Accident Victims Association of France)
AAF Associate Administrator for Airway Facilities (FAA)
AAF Active Analytics Framework (Oracle Corporation)
AAF Audit Automation Facilities
AAF Ascorbic Acid Factor
AAF Air-to-Air Firing
AAF Army Availability Factor
AAF Atlantic Amphibious Force
AAF African-American Fund (of New Jersey, Inc)
AAF Audit & Audit Follow-up (IG)
AAF Area Adjustment Factor
AAF Anti-Alias Function
AAF Actual Art Foundation (New York, NY)
AAF Average Annual Flow (streams)
AAF Amateur Athletic Federation (various locations)
AAF Artists’ Association of Finland
AAF Aztec Athletic Foundation (San Diego State University; California)

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