What does ABG mean?
ABG Full Form

This page contains the various possible meanings of the acronym and full forms of the words which are abbreviated as ABG. Here are 25 known slang full forms for ABG:

  1. Asian Baby Girl
  2. Arterial Blood Gas
  3. Arterial Blood Gases
  4. Asbury Automotive Group, Inc.
  5. Atlanta Botanical Gardens
  6. Air Base Group
  7. AsociaciĆ³n Becaria Guatemalteca
  8. Aerobic Bacterial Generator
  9. Auto Bus Grant
  10. Abstract Board Game
  11. American Barley Genomic
  12. Automatic Bus Grant
  13. Anscombe Broadcasting Group, LTD.
  14. Absolute Best Guaranteed
  15. Answers By Gateway
  16. Academic Business and Government
  17. Avis Budget Group
  18. Ads by Google
  19. Authentic Brands Group
  20. Anak Baru Gede
  21. Access Border Gateway
  22. Amicitas Business Group
  23. A Blood Gang
  24. Affiliated Business Group
  25. Alpha Beta Gamma

All the above slang full forms of ABG are used in different contexts depending on the situation. For eg: ABG may stand for Asian Baby Girl or Alpha Beta Gamma depending on the topic you're talking about.

The slang ABG is generally used on Internet and more specifically on Social Media while chatting. Slangs are used to save time and create a casual environment for the conversation through digital mediums. You are not expected to be using ABG slang in a formal environment. It's for chatting informally either with your family, relatives or friends.

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