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ABS Full Form - Meaning and Definition of ABS - Slangful.com
ABS Full Form – Meaning and Definition of ABS

This page contains the various possible meanings of the acronym and full forms of the words which are abbreviated as ABS. Here are 137 known slang full forms for ABS:

ABS Antilock Braking System
ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics
ABS American Bureau of Shipping
ABS Animal Behavior Society
ABS American Bible Society
ABS Asset-Backed Security
ABS Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (Terpolymer)
ABS American Bamboo Society
ABS Anti-Blockier-System
ABS Aston Business School (Birmingham, Auk)
ABS Asia Broadcast Satellite (Hong Kong)
ABS Antiblockiersystem (German: anti-skid brake system)
ABS American Board of Surgery
ABS American Bonanza Society
ABS Avalanche Airbag System (various locations)
ABS Association of Black Students (various universities)
ABS American Bonsai Society
ABS Agent-Based Simulation
ABS acute bacterial sinusitis
ABS Anti-Blocking System
ABS Abingdon Boys School (band)
ABS Association of Business Schools
ABS American Brachytherapy Society
ABS Amniotic Band Syndrome
ABS Automated Bond System
ABS Albino Black Sheep (website)
ABS Automatic Backup System (CMS Peripherals, Inc.)
ABS Automatic Braking System (aviation, automobiles)
ABS American Bladesmith Society
ABS Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate
ABS Adult Basic Skills
ABS Air Base Squadron
ABS American Business School (Paris, France; est. 1985)
ABS Alcoa Business System (Alcoa, Inc.)
ABS American Board of Sexology
ABS Antley-Bixler Syndrome
ABS Automatic Block Signal
ABS Annual Base Salary
ABS Applied Behavioral Sciences
ABS Amman Baccalaureate School
ABS American Back Society
ABS Army Broadcasting Service
ABS American Budgerigar Society
ABS Advanced Brake System
ABS Amniotic Band Sequence
ABS Alto Broadcasting System (forerunner of ABS-CBN Philippines)
ABS Always Better Service
ABS Automated Billing System
ABS Apple Business Systems
ABS Association for Borderlands Studies
ABS Adaptive Business Systems
ABS Alabama Southern Railroad
ABS American Boychoir School (Princeton, New Jersey)
ABS Alternative Billing Service
ABS American Boxwood Society (Clarke County, Virginia)
ABS Action Battle System (gaming)
ABS Asian Bomb Squad
ABS Abu Simbel, Egypt – Abu Simbel (Airport Code)
ABS Acoustic Backscatter System
ABS Association of Broadcasting Staff
ABS Avalanche Balloon System (mountain rescue system)
ABS Automated Briefing System
ABS Ashland Bus System (Kentucky, USA)
ABS Active Battle System (video game design)
ABS Artificial Buoyant Seabed
ABS Adams-Bashforth Scheme
ABS Affordable Business Structure
ABS Afghan Banana Stand (band)
ABS Assisted Breaking System (aviation)
ABS Automatic Backup Shutdown
ABS Activation Binding Site (genetics)
ABS American Breeders Services
ABS Absolute Block System (railway signalling)
ABS Adult Baby Syndrome (psychiatry)
ABS Air Breathing System
ABS Agile Business Suite (Unisys software)
ABS Oxygen A-Band Spectrometer
ABS ArchLinux Build System
ABS Air Base Security
ABS Airborne Bathymetric Survey
ABS Advanced Battle Simulation(s)
ABS Anchor Bolt Stabilizer
ABS Alcohol Breath Screening
ABS American Ballet School
ABS Air Brake Switch
ABS Arc Bond Sputter
ABS Annual Beneficiary Summary
ABS Average Busy Stream
ABS Atomic Beam Scattering
ABS Advanced Benefit Strategies
ABS Active Biological Substances
ABS Air Base Survivability
ABS Amended Budget Submission
ABS Automated Battle Book System
ABS Amphetamine-Based Stimulants
ABS Automatic Ballast Sampling
ABS Amman Baptist School
ABS Assault Ballistic Rocket System
ABS Agile Beam System
ABS Air Base Systems
ABS As-Built Specification
ABS Automated Bridge System
ABS Automated Brokerage Service
ABS Acute Bitching Syndrome
ABS Automated Brokerage System
ABS Algorithm Breakdown Structure
ABS Agents Business Systems (State Farm)
ABS Airbrushed Steel (construction)
ABS Algorithmes et Biologie Structurale (French: Algorithms and Structural Biology; National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control; France)
ABS Air Base Simulator
ABS Absolute Business Services Ltd
ABS Alternate Bit Synchronization
ABS Automated Balancing System
ABS Axial Bay Simulator
ABS Amel Bou-Saada
ABS Aperture Blind Subassembly
ABS Atlanta Brass Society, Inc. (Georgia)
ABS International Regime on Access to Benefit-Sharing (multinational pact)
ABS Adjams Business Services (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
ABS Adjustable Base Support (furniture)
ABS Alliance Business Solutions Pte Ltd (Singapore)
ABS A Better Solution (various locations)
ABS Association of Black Sociologists (est. 1970)
ABS Absolute Time Code
ABS Alex Brown and Sons (New York, NY)
ABS Archbold Biological Station (Florida)
ABS Autodesk Building Systems (software)
ABS Academic Book Services (Follett Educational Services)
ABS A-Bomb Survivor (population group)
ABS Able-Bodied Seaman
ABS Applied Biodiversity Science (various schools)
ABS Access and Benefit-Sharing
ABS Absorb
ABS Argos Business Solutions (UK)
ABS Abstract
ABS Absent
ABS Absolute

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