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ADL Full Form - Meaning and Definition of ADL - Slangful.com
ADL Full Form – Meaning and Definition of ADL

This page contains the various possible meanings of the acronym and full forms of the words which are abbreviated as ADL. Here are 61 known slang full forms for ADL:

ADL Anti-Defamation League
ADL Activities of Daily Living
ADL Advanced Distributed Learning
ADL Activity of Daily Living
ADL Arthur D. Little Inc. (Boston based consulting company)
ADL Architecture Description Language
ADL All Day Long
ADL Alexandria Digital Library
ADL Acid Detergent Lignin
ADL Advances in Digital Libraries (IEEE)
ADL Argument-Dependent Lookup (C++)
ADL Adventure Definition Language
ADL Assisted Daily Living
ADL Active Duty List
ADL armistice demarcation line (US DoD)
ADL Address Data Latch
ADL Advanced Distributive Learning
ADL Acoustic Delay Line
ADL Aeronautical Data-Link
ADL Army Distance Learning
ADL Alliance des Libertés (French: Alliance of Liberties, Morocco)
ADL Automatic Data Link
ADL Agent de Développement Local (French: Local Development Officer)
ADL Adhalin
ADL Airborne Data Loader
ADL Adventure Description Language
ADL Ada Design Language
ADL Adelaide, South Australia, Australia – Adelaide (Airport Code)
ADL All Digital Loop
ADL Alaska Department of Labor
ADL Algorithm Description Language (computer programming)
ADL Association des Diététiciens Libéraux (French: Liberal Dieticians Association)
ADL Area Dental Laboratory
ADL Above Detection Limit
ADL Allowable Daily Intake
ADL Applied Dynamics Laboratory (Canada and Portugal)
ADL Airborne Data Link
ADL Authorized Data List
ADL Analytical Detection Limit
ADL Array Definition Language
ADL Allied Disposition List
ADL Afrique Developpement Local (Cameroon)
ADL Aerobic Diving Limit
ADL Air Defense Laboratory
ADL Armenian Democratic League (Ramgavar Party)
ADL Automatic Determination of Location
ADL Automated Data List
ADL assign XX (SL) routing (US DoD)
ADL Army Doctrine Literature (US Army)
ADL Armament Data Line
ADL Administrative Deadline
ADL Automatic Disposal List
ADL Army Digital Library
ADL Add/Drop Linear (Alcatel)
ADL Avionics Development Lab
ADL American Discount Lenders Inc.
ADL Anticipated Disbursement Listing (student financial aid)
ADL Asymptotic Discrimination Loss
ADL Armament Development Laboratory
ADL Advance/Decline Line (stock)
ADL Arctic Digital Limited (Inuvik, NT, Canada)

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